Holy cow! What a crazy winter!!!

Lets get caught up, shall we?

We have been very busy working on the next few videos. Here is a behind the scenes video from the making of “Falling Down” which is coming very soon… very soon!!! Like final stages time.

Plus, we had a very successful program and performance with the students of Miller South! The production will air on Western Reserve PBS on 4/3/17 at 9pm. Set your DVR’s for that one!!

Angie was just secured an endorsement deal with CAD Audio! So that’s amazing. AND, she will be touring in support of the film Blood on the Mountain, along with an amazing list of national other artists!!

So many things… stay tuned! To stay up to date be sure to like our page on facebook

Gingerbread Man… will move you


The very next video in the series, will be ‘Follow’, which is a very fun, fanciful romp that reminds us that we believed anything was possible when we were children!  We believed that we were filled with magic, but because of the fears and insecurities around us and conditions of our environment as we grow, we often lose sight of our limitless, magical selves.  This song elaborates on finding that magic and hope to believe in dreams again as adults; and once we do, may we only encourage and instill that in 0ur youth.   For Angie, this belief and hope and clinging to a dream never ceased to exist.  This video is a representation of what she felt as a child, and what she believes most children experience. This kind of spirit and energy even through the next few stages of this journey that touch on some darker experiences, remained prominent within her and kept her hopeful.  It  was this kind of joy and light that saved her; and it’s this joy and light that she wants to remind people to plant and help grow within themselves and every child so that we all have this place to return to and believe in even when things become difficult and feel impossible.  We are excited to to share this uplifting and hopeful video with everyone, so stay tuned!

The next video (the third in the series) ‘Gingerbread Man’, Angie digs into her story a little deeper.  She shares some darker and more difficult experiences from her childhood.  It is a powerful and gripping video. It is a two part-song in the vein of Dylan or Freddie Mercury, that tells a story, and reminds us that we can find peace when we learn to embrace and allow ourselves to feel what may often even be uncomfortable with, so that we can finally be free and let go. It is a video that will pull you, but nonetheless empower all who watch it! Brace yourself!

-ang and todd

The Skin Horse (lyrics)

The Skin Horse

Such wisdom flowed right through him, every word spoken from within.
And my confusion for the truth of what is real and how it begins…
But, what if my heart breaks, I ask and he smiles.
When real you don’t mind aches.
He said it is the beauty to life.

Nothing to ugly, but seasons to feel.
Only the toys can’t be open to real.
Nothing can love when it’s not from within.
There can’t be life when the birth won’t begin.
Remove the sawdust replacing your heart, it’s in there waiting for love.

Time will not rob you, each day becomes growth.
Those who so fear it, each wrinkle they’ll loathe.
No one can feel without first feeling pain.
No one can stand without crawling for days.
Welcome the wearing and tearing of age.
Embracing each part of you.

Let it strip you, Let it rip you.
Let it break you, and forsake you.
Let it seize you, when it needs to.
And when it leaves you, Let it free you.

Welcome to the rabbit hole…

Welcome to the my blog!  I’m excited to share some background with you about this new project I’m working on.  So since you’re here now, you’re officially receiving your first bread crumb down this fearless and venturesome path.

This is a blog to share the little teasers, tidbits and clues to help you unravel the project! I am embarking on an epic double disc/bio-disc that encompasses my life story in a series format that will have a music video for every song in the collection. This is a deeply personal project with deep subject matter. Part of my goal through this journey is to help prove the necessity and the importance in vulnerability by embracing life experiences both good and bad.  It is my hope that I will only inspire you to embrace your own personal journey and travel down this road with me. With each “bread crumb” that you pick up, so to speak, you’ll find there’s a message inside the message, within this bigger picture. However, I will use this blog to drop some breadcrumbs along the way to help you see the deeper message that I am personally sharing.  Every layer from what you see to what you hear has a motive and purpose to complete this bigger picture.

In addition I will be sure to post the videos here, and some of the behind the scenes stuff as well. My creative partner todd and I are trying to document every part of this endeavor, so we will be sure to share as much as we can.

So hop on the gypsy wagon, and enjoy the ride with me!!

With Bells On,