Welcome to the rabbit hole…

Welcome to the my blog!  I’m excited to share some background with you about this new project I’m working on.  So since you’re here now, you’re officially receiving your first bread crumb down this fearless and venturesome path.

This is a blog to share the little teasers, tidbits and clues to help you unravel the project! I am embarking on an epic double disc/bio-disc that encompasses my life story in a series format that will have a music video for every song in the collection. This is a deeply personal project with deep subject matter. Part of my goal through this journey is to help prove the necessity and the importance in vulnerability by embracing life experiences both good and bad.  It is my hope that I will only inspire you to embrace your own personal journey and travel down this road with me. With each “bread crumb” that you pick up, so to speak, you’ll find there’s a message inside the message, within this bigger picture. However, I will use this blog to drop some breadcrumbs along the way to help you see the deeper message that I am personally sharing.  Every layer from what you see to what you hear has a motive and purpose to complete this bigger picture.

In addition I will be sure to post the videos here, and some of the behind the scenes stuff as well. My creative partner todd and I are trying to document every part of this endeavor, so we will be sure to share as much as we can.

So hop on the gypsy wagon, and enjoy the ride with me!!

With Bells On,


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