The Skin Horse (lyrics)

The Skin Horse

Such wisdom flowed right through him, every word spoken from within.
And my confusion for the truth of what is real and how it begins…
But, what if my heart breaks, I ask and he smiles.
When real you don’t mind aches.
He said it is the beauty to life.

Nothing to ugly, but seasons to feel.
Only the toys can’t be open to real.
Nothing can love when it’s not from within.
There can’t be life when the birth won’t begin.
Remove the sawdust replacing your heart, it’s in there waiting for love.

Time will not rob you, each day becomes growth.
Those who so fear it, each wrinkle they’ll loathe.
No one can feel without first feeling pain.
No one can stand without crawling for days.
Welcome the wearing and tearing of age.
Embracing each part of you.

Let it strip you, Let it rip you.
Let it break you, and forsake you.
Let it seize you, when it needs to.
And when it leaves you, Let it free you.

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